I say we pay legislators NOT to legislate

For years, our government has paid farmers for NOT producing crops on some or even all of their land. It’s a policy that’s logical only if you’ve spent your career in the halls of Congress.  There are hungry people in the world and we have some of the best farmland and best farmers on the planet, but we pay them not to make something the world needs.

Ironically Congress used to be a part-time job performed by (among others) farmers who reluctantly came to the swamps of DC for brief legislative sessions before returning to productive work on their farms. But over the years we’ve been paying legislators to make more and more of something that the country needs a whole lot less of — legislation.

This presents a huge opportunity for the next phase of government paying people not to work: paying legislators NOT to legislate. Along the lines of the famous saying, “That government governs best which governs least” I propose a per diem, personally payable to each Congressman or Senator, for every day Congress is not in session.

And let’s not skimp, either. Keep in mind, on a single day in 2010 Congress passed a healthcare bill which — in addition to destroying the most innovative medical system in human history — is likely to cost the country a trillion dollars (or more) before it’s done with us.  Throw in TARP and the Stimulus and lets estimate that in 150 legislative days this year Congress will pass laws that will eventually cost 4 Trillion dollars. That works out to $26.7 Billion for each legislative day, which is roughly $50,000,000 for each of the 535 members for each day they are in session.

Now, if we can keep them HOME for only $1,000,000 per member per day, as you can see we’ll be earning roughly a 50-fold return on our investment. We could cancel an entire year’s worth of legislation for the paltry sum of $80 Billion. Moreover, the massive increase in economic activity by entrepreneurs and companies no longer living in fear of the latest vilification by the President will pay us back the $80 Billion in increased tax revenues by Jan 31.

As the President is fond of saying, “the time to act is NOW”. “The Status Quo is simply unsustainable.” “We can’t afford NOT to take action”.  Please call your Congressman today and urge them to vote to “Making Our Rules Open Necessary and Sensible by Gutting Obviously Harmful Outright Manipulations of the Economy Act”, otherwise known as the M.O.R.O.N.S. G.O.  H.O.M.E. Act.  Thank you for your support.


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