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The moral bankruptcy of an Obama Maoist

October 17, 2009

Since quoting conservative blogs or conservative commentators generally causes liberals to dismiss everything that follows, I’ll invite them here, if they’d like, to simply ignore the writing in this attached story and focus instead on the video. Apologies that the video also came from a conservative source, but if you hold your hands up around the screen then you can cover up Beck and only see top Obama adviser and White House Communications Adviser Anita Dunn. She is, by the way, the point person on Obama’s campaign against Fox News (he seems not to have heard Mark Twain’s admonition about never picking a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel).

I have no special knowledge about Chinese history beyond what any historically literate person would know. But that includes the knowledge that Mao is generally considered by historians to be the most prolific mass murderer in human history, with potentially 100,000,000 deaths attributable to him. Reading about his crimes should make any decent human being ill.

And yet, Anita Dunn refers to him as (along with Mother Theresa) one of her two favorite political philosophers, and “the people she turns to most”. She’s speaking in the video to a group of HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS and speaking admiringly, glowingly, reverently, about the wisdom and guidance she gains from a man who killed as many as 100,000,000 Chinese. Would it have still been acceptable if she’d been talking about Hitler? He only killed 12,000,000 if you don’t count the soldiers who died in WWII.

Here’s the video itself from the linked story in my first paragraph:

Ignore Beck. Ignore the Pajamasmedia story. Watch the video (thank G-d for video and for the fact that Obama’s ego-driven inner circle can’t keep their yaps shut when a camera’s around). Are you anywhere near as disgusted as I am? Is there any reason why someone who admires Mao more than she admires Jefferson, Washington, Adams or Hamilton should be anywhere near the President of the United States? And while we’re at it, do you think Obama, who hired all these people, admires Jefferson more than Mao? I don’t think he does, which is why I don’t think any of these people bother him until they’re exposed and become a liability.

It might be funny if not for that small matter of the 100,000,000 dead Chinese, wouldn’t it? I only wish these intellectually vapid Maoists could be given passage through time to actually experience the Golden Age of Mao’s China. I’m sure Chairman Mao could arrange a special struggle session for them.