Speechifying is not the same as governing

It’s downright pathological the extent to which Obama and all of his advisers seem to believe that “delivering a speech” and “governing” are synonyms. From this morning’s New York Times:

“He could probably give a very powerful speech on race, just as he did in the course of the campaign,” said Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to Mr. Obama.

In other words, the President would love to devote some time to magically solving race relations with his moving oratory, but we’re fully committed right now to solving healthcare with his moving oratory. And after all, those unicorns can only turn out so many pieces of moving oratory each day before they’re exhausted.

I suppose it makes sense . . . if you have no experience managing, governing or running anything then you’d need to talk a lot just to fill the time. Lucky us.


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