Actually, some things *are* worse than doing nothing

Since it’s not every day that I praise Al Franken, I thought I’d go ahead and say that in this video I was impressed that he was able to calmly stand with a group of constituents for ten minutes and have a civil discourse.

Sadly, though, as you listen to his words it’s clear that his comportment is better than his logic. He mimics the bizarre thinking of The One by responding to a question of whether the government can pay for all this while Obama is swamping us with debt, by saying, “I know that our current system is unsustainable.”

To use an analogy, let’s say you had a small accident around the house, and you cut your arm.  Let’s say you were bleeding a bit, and your spouse came up to you with a handsaw and bolt cutters and told you that since you’d hurt your arm she was going to fix it by cutting off the injured arm at the shoulder.

You, being a smart person who’s very slowly losing blood through a small cut, would say, “But won’t I bleed to death really fast if you do that?”  How would you react if your spouse, rather than addressing the prospect of massive arterial bleeding, said this: “Honey, here’s what I DO know . . . if you continue on the current path (bleeding from a small and as yet untreated cut) it’s unsustainable (you’ll die within the next few weeks).”  Would you then let her lop off the limb knowing that the solution would kill you in a fraction of the time?  If so, you’re ready to accept the logic of letting a government with a long track record of making things worse take over the most intimate and personal one-sixth of our national economy.  Good luck with that.

The notion that anything we do is better than nothing is among the silliest things ever uttered by anyone, and certainly by a President of the United States.  But, Franken parrots the logic very effectively.  I’ll give him that.


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