Profiles in courage

It’s a shame that Barack’s teleprompter didn’t have anything loaded for the would-be leader of the free world to say to support the Iranian people being killed in the street as they protest for democracy and liberty.  All he could muster was that the US shouldn’t “meddle”.  It’s interesting to compare his view of the American role in promoting liberty with that of his predecessor or, for that matter, Reagan.  Oh, well, it was Carter who delivered Reagan unto the world, and Obama’s making good progress in driving the next surge of American interest in conservatism, I’ll give him that.

I know, wishful thinking, except as of today the Rasmussen daily tracking poll finds more likely voters agree with me than with my liberal friends:
It’s too bad Americans are slower on the uptake than Israelis, though since only 6% of Israeli Jews think Obama is pro-Israel (88% thought GWB was).  It seems as though the President is more comfortable meddling in the affairs of our allies (UK, Israel) than in the affairs of murderous thugs who are our sworn enemies. Courage.


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