There's not really anyone left who thinks journalism's neutral, is there?

I read a commentary in Time Magazine today (I know, why . . .) but occasionally I do check in to see if they’ve hired any journalists to replace the Obama PR flaks. (update: none yet).

The commentary itself was not what caught my attention.  Instead, I found 2 linked galleries both of which I found jaw-dropping in the extent to which they made no effort to come across as unbiased.

First, a gallery of “The Screwups of Campaign ’08“.  Like most people, when I think “Screwup” I think of Joe Biden.  But I’m figuring it’ll include elements of the 4 principals, maybe to include Obama talking about visiting all 57 states, or people “clinging to their guns” or the “spread the wealth around” comment that nearly cost him the election in the end.  Nope. It appears that the sequence changes from one viewing to the next, but the proportions are the same, and here’s the topic of the first 34 that I clicked through (I know, it was painful):

Palin – Palin – Palin – Joe the Plumber – McCain – Lieberman – Palin – Biden (gasp!) – Palin – Palin – Biden – McCain – Biden – McCain – McCain – McCain – Palin – Palin – Palin – Biden – Palin – Palin – McCain – McCain – Biden – Biden – Palin – McCain – McCain – McCain – McCain – Palin – Biden – OBAMA!!!

Mind you, this is not a list you can view, it’s a single item per page.  Which means you have to click NEXT each time to get to the next gaffe. So of the several dozen people who still read Time Magazine, one of them would have to have clicked through THIRTY-THREE pages before discovering (gasp!) that BO had called the Nittany Lions the Nittaly Lions.

But in the meatime Time had managed to find 20 or so Palin gaffes (most of them not gaffes, but things Time disagrees with) and another dozen or so on McCain.  They even covered Joe the Plumber before getting around to The One and Mr. Foot in Mouth Joe Biden.



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