Is there any "journalistic" reason to do this?

I mentioned there were two galleries I clicked through on Time Magazine’s sad little website.  The other was a gallery of GOP memorabilia.  It seems pretty clear that in spite of the fact that the latest Rasmussen survey finds people now trust Republicans with the economy more than Democrats (first time in 2 years) the gallery is intended to perpetuate the meme that the GOP is dead.

But it wasn’t enough for them to simply talk about the GOP as some long-past event (the kind of thing that would even *have* memorabilia). I wouldn’t have recognized what they’d done except I recently learned about a photographic technique called tilt-shift. It makes any photo look like it came from a miniature.  For example:

And for some reason I’ll let you ponder, Time chose to show the proudest elements of the GOP’s history as though they appeared in a tiny little doll-house.  Ronald Reagan, arguably the greatest American leader of the last century, is shown like this:


A conference room where the collection is housed looks like something carved in a grain of rice:


Now, as a very infrequent reader of Time Magazine (it hurts my head to read their writing) I will admit it’s possible that they use this artistic technique on photos of lots of things.  If so, let me know in the comments.  But the last time I saw a miniaturized view of Obama, it was because some knucklheaded sycophant actually carved the goofball into the eye of a needle. Seriously:

Obamas experience shown actual size

Obama's experience shown actual size


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