The Obama Gas Law

How many people can you distance yourself from before you’re technically back in bed with the first one?

I think it was probably in some high school chemistry class that a teacher was describing the behavior of a gas.  The molecules would essentially “distance themselves” from one another by constantly bouncing back and forth until they reached an equilibrium spacing.  They were still bounding around, I suppose, but they’d optimized the distances between each molecule to equilibrate the pressure.

I started thinking of that today when Obama added another set of close associates to his list of people he barely knows.  Let’s recap (and feel free to comment if I’ve missed any).

  • There was Tony Rezko, convicted felon, who bought the property next to Obama’s on the same day and from the same seller as Obama bought his, but at remarkably a much higher price (Obama paid a surprisingly low price)
  • There was Jeremiah “G– D— America”, Obama’s “spiritual mentor”, whose sermons he listened to for 20 years, one sermon of whose Obama borrowed from to name his book. Until he decided that Wright’s racism and obvious hatred of America were despicable and he quit the church
  • There was William Ayers, the admitted domestic terrorist and flag stomper, who hired Obama to the only actual managerial job Obama’s ever held, and with whom Obama distributed between $50 and $160 MM dollars to Chicago schools to teach radical ideology to children. They sat on boards together, launched O’s political career together (in Ayers’ living room), but in reality O finds Ayers despicable.
  • And now, today, like clockwork, it’s ACORN.  Never mind that O represented them as a lawyer. Never mind that Obama helped train their staff. Never mind that O’s campaign paid $800,000 to ACORN and mischaracterized it in violation of election laws until he was caught and fixed it. Now that ACORN is being investigated for voter registration fraud (and possible vote fraud) in between 11 and 13 states, wouldn’t you know it, O never new the guys.

Would anyone else out there actually find it far more refreshing and sincere if Obama said something like the following:

People of America, Chicago is a rough and tumble place and I’m a politician who wants to do great things for this country. When I came to Chicago I saw that not all the people who held political power had the kinds of honorable background that, to be frank, someone like John McCain has accumulated over a lifetime of service.  In fact, some of them have said things or done things that I found downright outrageous. But you know what, the world is also filled with people who’ve done and said things I find outrageous. I could have avoided all of them, associated only with others who share my view of America as a shining city on a hill (hat tip: Reagan), but I’d never have gotten anywhere and would never have had the chance to make the lives of the people of Chicago, of Illinois, and of America better.  As President I’ll need to work with leaders around the world who I might detest. As a rising star in Chicago politics I had to work with them as well. I’ve proven throughout my career that I can work with them without becoming one of them. Send me to Washington and I’ll do the same thing to get done what needs to get done to make our world safer and more secure.

Period. End of story.

But, lacking the political conviction or moral compass to stand by his associations, he instead just bounces this way and that, denying this friendship, disavowing that political mentor, disclaiming his “spiritual mentor.”  All the while, just like that gas, bouncing this way and that, afraid at every turn about what other foolish relationships he’s forged.

Who knows, maybe now 21 days out from the election he’s finally reached equilibrium, distanced himself from everyone and he can stay there floating alone and run out the clock.  But as with a gas, when the pressure increases the motion increases and inevitably he’s going to bounce back into someone else. At least, let’s hope so.


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